Intelligent Energy


From why, to how, to WOW!

Vermilion Solar was founded on the premise that if a better way can be imagined, it can be accomplished. So whether you’re choosing renewable energy to save the planet or simply to save money, we’re committed to helping you turn your why into a how. And because we believe that renewable energy systems can be as aesthetically pleasing as they are efficient, we’re positive you’ll be wowed by the results. 


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Smart and stylish. That’s the Vermilion Difference.

For years, it seemed like a tradeoff. Choosing renewable clean energy meant lower (or no) utility rates and a reduced carbon footprint at the expense of good looks. But because Vermilion is committed to shaking up industry norms and undertaking challenges that might at first seem impossible, we’ll work with you to find the most attractive solutions possible. Our ultimate goal is to make sure your solar plan integrates seamlessly into your lifestyle while complementing your (and your home’s) personal style.


Now AND Then.

It’s easy to build a new home that uses renewable from the get go. But at Vermilion, we recognize that many people love the homes they’re already in. Our commitment to aesthetics means that we’ll happily work with both new builds and existing homes to ensure they use as little from the grid as possible while still maintaining their unique character and charm.